With more than 1 billion registered users Facebook is the number one Social media website. However, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram and twitter should also rank high on your list of priorities when trying to promote your business through the medium of social media can.

Whilst many local businesses still use traditional advertising, more and more are becoming aware of the benefits of using social media as a way to generate new business as well as keeping contact with existing customers.

A lot of businesses consider Facebook to be the place where people go to post some pictures of pussycats or silly pictures of dogs, But the fact is that a lot more businesses have realised the potential that using the likes of Facebook can bring. Not only that, the social media sites and now allow you to promote your posts or advertise within members newsfeeds. This opens up a whole new world to business owners trying to promote their Products or services.

Pay per click advertising, Media buys and other advertising media online can be a minefield but unlike traditional advertising most of these can have an instant effect on your business. It allows Business owners to control their marketing budgets much easier.


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Don’t Be Scared of Keyword Competition   It does not matter how many competing websites there are for a particular keyword phrase, what matters is the strength of that competition. To give you an example, lets consider you going into a motor race and there are 1000 cars in that race. That is a lot…


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