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How To Rank Well On Google – Get Your Information From The Source

How To Rank Well On Google

If you want to know how to rank well on google then you really should get your information direct from the source. Ie. Google, Google provide a wealth of information on how to rank your website well on the google SERPS. (search engine results pages)

Their webmaster tools which can be found at Google webmaster help There is everything you need to not only find out how to rank your website but also they provide the tools to do it with.

You can setup google analytics which will show you who comes to your website how many hits, where they come from and the keywords that they used to find you.

They are an invaluable source of information which you should have on every site that you own or manage.

Once you work out how to rank well on google by reading and studying the google webmaster pages as well as the Matt Cutts Videos you should put what you learn into practise bit by bit.

It is much better to work steadily and make it an ongoing part of your strategy rather than bash away like a mad thing for several weeks and then stop and leave it alone for months.

If you want to be successful online whatever market you are in you really must spend time to understand how the search engines work. This is equally true even if you intend to outsource your search engine optimisation work.

There are many companies the offer you SEO services at varying prices but few actually really know what they are doing.

You need to have an idea as I have seen websites losing rankings due to careless link building, mass links appearing overnight and links to a website from link farms or other dubious paid link services.

The boys at www.ppcblog have also put together a really good diagram of how google works. Click on it to see a full size version.

Pandemonium and chaos is the key to good SEO in my experience so come back here soon where I will put together a basic SEO course to show you what you need to know before you begin your SEO work.

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Google Social Search Is It A Game Changer?

Google social search Is It A Game Changer

Google social search has been around since 2009 but it recently has had some recent changes. There is a good reason for this. Read on and you will see why.

The thing is, as internet marketers, we carry on with what we do and some of us spend a lot of time on SEO forums and blogs to try and understand the nuances of the latest search engine optimisation techniques and tricks.

Not all of the participants on these sites know anything at all about SEO, they just spout stuff that they have read on other sites or even worse, make it up as they go along. I always find it best to do my own tests and make up my own mind based on the results of my testing. I often find that different strategies can have varying effects depending on the types of websites and niches.

For example an technique that works really well for an e-commerce site will not work as well for a niche blog site.

A static site that is not updated on a regular basis can rank very well if you do certain things. Carrying out these same tasks on a blog will not have much impact. that is why testing is so important.

I read in an email from a supposed seo expert the other day that read “it if we could figure out the google algorithm then we could rank on the first page of google as easy as pie.”!!

Actually, google DO NOT hide the secret to first page results. It is simple but time consuming and takes a lot of effort. You have to produce and provide value for your visitor. Relevant information related to what the searcher is looking for.

Google even provide a whole section of their website dedicated to helping webmasters learn the basic of SEO the google way. here is the link  google webmaster help

Few of us pay enough attention to the facts that are out there. This is because a lot of this information is hidden amongst lengthy technical data which can be difficult to dissect and gleem the golden nuggets.

For those that do spend time reading these long winded white papaers and the SEO news releases you will have seen the recent announcement by bing and facebook. They are going to fully integrate the social data from facebook into the bing search results.

Why is this link between facebook and bing so important?

Well after the announcement, Google made an almost instant repsonse and you can bet your bottom dollar that this will not be the last change.

This intergration will change the way that google brings back results. Especially if you use gmail and are usually logged into your google account when you use the google search.

Why is Google Social Search A Game Changer?

The changes to the google social search will change the way the search engines deliver results. This may not have an immediate effect on your rankings or traffic. However, over time it will do and so it is important that you take the time to understand what it is google social search does.

If you want to stay ahead or even get ahead of your competition then learn all you can about social searching and then take some action to ensure your website is the one that is served up to those searching for your product or service.

As always use the contact me page if you have any questions, I will be happy to helo if I can.

Here is the video

Mark my words the next thing that will be hot all over the forums will be google social search.


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Get It Up Then Get IT Right Perfection is Overrated

Search engine optimisation is about so many things. You will read many different theories on the rights and wrongs of ranking your website, design factors, on page optimisation, W3C compliance and the like.

The thing is this can all be done over time and I would always recommend that you first get it up (if you pardon the pun) and then work on getting it right.

When trying to rank your website in the search engines, produce a new product or even to design a new website, the first thing is to get it up and out there.

Whilst of course it is important to get it right waiting for perfection is a problem we should try and live without.

Every time I look at my website I find of something that I think I can improve. I also get comments from visitors either praise or criticism which is great. Any form of feedback is very much appreciated as they have taken the time to put finger to keyboard and type me a message.

I have tried many different ways to make the site better. Most of the improvements these days revolve around faster speeding times as this makes a difference to my google rankings and, of course, the visitor experience.

Over time, I believe that my website has improved in the way it looks and the overall onpage search engine optimisation.IT is still far from perfect but, I think that it is doing ok. It ranks well for a number of highly competitive terms with very few backlinks.

However much you are tempted to wait until everything is just right, I suggest you get your site online or your product launched as soon as possible and you will reap the benefits.

As always if you have any questions or comments then do not hesitate to email me via my contact us form.


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SEO and the New Google Algorithm

SEO and the new Google algorithm 

Google recently made a major change to their algorithm to continue in their efforts to make the search results more accurate and useful to those if us using google to search for a multitude of things.


Some people have seen their sites drop way down in the serps (search engine results pages) and there has been a lot written about it but in the big scheme of things this is all good in my opinion.


If your sites have good content and are well structured offering your visitors valuable information then you should be ok. 


In fact some of my sites in the more competitive markets have risen in the rankings as other websites have been penalised for being naughty :-)


If you have a lot of auto generated websites with duplicate content or links from similar sites then you may well have seen a drop. 


The thing is do not panic, you can in fact improve them and get them back up there. IT will take work but with a little effort and a few tweaks it is possible to get them ranking on the first page of google once again.


You can bet your bottom dollar that google will continue to make changes to their algorithm and try to stay ahead of those that work hard to beat the system.


I say why spend time and effort trying to trick or fool the system when all you have to do is make sure that your website adds value to your visitors and the internet user.


That way, you should be able to rank well and stay there without worry.


In my next post, I will dispel the myths surrounding keyword competition.  

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Who is The Number One SEO Expert?

Who is the number one SEO expert?

There are loads of  so called gurus and SEO Experts  who make out they know all the answers but very few actually do.

All they do is try to sell you highly priced SEO re hashed courses that just over complicate the whole process.

Getting to the top of google and the other major search engines like yahoo and bing is never going to be easy and as the number of websites grow daily the competition grows with it. It does not matter if you are the number one SEO expert if you are in a competitive market it is still going to take a lot of time and effort.

However, it is not as compicated as it may first seem once you know and understand the basics.

How To Become The Number One SEO Expert

There are so many factors with ranking in the SERPS (search engine rankings pages) although the number one factor is the level of competiton.

Trying to compete in areas like health insurance or credit cards is like climbing into the ring with Mike Tyson when you have never put on a boxing glove before.

These competitive markets spend a lot of time and money on ranking their sites and this makes it vertually impossible to rank well in any of the search engines. The number one SEO expert tend to stay away from these markets unless they have very large budgets.

Backlinks are the secret to good rankings and a lot of these websites that are in these types of markets have thousands of links to their sites.

You Can Be The Number One SEO Expert

If you are thinking of improving your rankings in the search engines then make sure you do your research and work on keywords that have the higher searches and lower competition.

Who is the number one SEO expert”? Well  there are many that really know their stuff but make sure you check out what you learn and try it but make sure you do NOT go into the black arts. If you try to trick the search engines you will get caught out.

Take your time and study as much a you can. check out my education station and before long you may well be the number one SEO expert with plenty of first page rankings.

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Becoming A Local SEO Expert

Becoming a local SEO expert is not as difficult as you might first think. Many people when getting into the internet for the first time think world wide web, yet the reality is that most businesses offer their services or products localy or maybe Nationally but not world wide.

Actually to get ranked in the major search engines for your local area is far eaier that trying to rank globally.

If you offer accountancy services or sell dog food, cut hair or have a resturant then you will mainly want to increase your business locally.

If you need more business then it is about time that you looked at becoming an SEO expert.

Over the next few weeks I will provide some tips and tricks to help make you a local seo expert so that you can help yourself get ranked for your keywords in your local area.

Gettng ranked on the first page of google or better still number on on any of the search engines will make a major difference to your and the online business that you will generate.

So come back soon and see for yourself exactly hw the professionals do it and become a local SEO Expert.

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