Tips To Get Your Website Ranked On Google 

There is an easy formula to help you get your website ranked on google and the other major search engines.

If you follow these tips you will find that your website content will begin to rank a faster and for longer.

The first thing is to make sure that you have your keywords in the main title of the page or post. Some people say that it should be as close to the start of the title as possible in fact the best thing is to have the phrase you want to rank for at the very beginning of the title. I have not found a discernable difference but I do try to do this if possible. (apart from this particular post, where I have the phrase at the end)

Write a decent length article I try for around 300 words or more. This is not always required but if you are going after a highly competitive keyword phrase then the longer the better..

Your keyword density should be around 1.5% to 2% but no more than 3% to help get your website ranked fast in google.

Using H1 header tags with your keywords in the sentence will also help to get your website ranked in good time.

You should also put your keywords in italics, bold as well as underline an instance of your keyword phrase. This should be 3 seperate insantces to get your website ranked for the best results.

If you can then also use h2 and h3 header tags. This is another reason why you should have at least 300 words on each post otherwise it looks odd. I do not always manage this but can still rank well for less competitve phrases and keyowrds.

An image on your website not only makes the post look more appealing and pulles the reader in but it also helps to get your website ranked well on google. It is important to use the image alt text once you have added the picture. Try and make the image relevant to your post.

Try to use the keywords in the last sentence as well as the first.

Linking to other internal pages or posts on your website also helps google to confirm that the page is relevant to your reader and deserves the top spot, or close to it on their mighty index.

The last thing is to make sure that you get your website ranked fast on the google search engine is to bookmark it. I use the pro version of onlywire as well as auto social poster pro and feedburner to send syndicate your RSS feed.

IF you link out to a number of other external sites some say it is better to add nofollow links to them but I do not always do this as I think google wants to see a mix which helps to get your website ranked well and in record time.

Get Your Website Ranked In Goolge Fast

  1. The Keyword Phrase should be in the title
  2. Create an article or post with at least 300 words
  3. Use a keyword density of about 2% do not go over 3%
  4. Put the Keywords in <H1> header tags
  5. Bold your keywords
  6. Put your keyword phrase in italics
  7. Underline your keyword phrase
  8. Add an <H2> and <H3> header tags with your keywords included in the phrase.
  9. Add an image to the page and use the keyowrds in the alt tags.
  10. Use the keywords in the last sentence
  11. Link to another relevant internal page on your website
  12. Use only wire to bookmark the page
  13. Use Auto Social Poster Pro if you have it
  14. Use feedburner to post your RSS feed

It is not about getting everything perfect, in fact the more you mix is up the better. It is important to look natural and this will not be the case if all your outbound links are nofollow for example.

But, if you follow the top tips above you will see an improvement in your results. You do not have to use every one of the tips on every post or webpage but the more the merrier.

I use a pluin called SEOpressor and there is a review here. You do not need to have it but it does automate the process and makes it all much easier to do.

So try out all or some of the above and see how fast you can get your website ranked.