If you are like me and suffer with ADD (Attention deficit disorder), apparently there are millions of us, then completing one task before going onto the next is a challenge.

Those that do not have it tend to find working with those that do frustrating, to say the least. We tend to lose interest in things very quickly, have poor memories and do not like getting into detail. Just give us the facts, the bottom line. Can we or cant we?

For me, my mind works at 100 miles per hour and I come up with some amazing ideas, even if I do say so myself. I can solve problems quickly and easily, with almost lightning speed, where others spend days going into the detail and never coming up with any solutions.

Now, there are times when this is good and times when it is not so good. If there was a problem on a lunar mission and peoples lives were at stake then I imagine my slap dash approach may not be  welcomed. However, for your every day problem, where the lives of others is not an issue then my get things done attitude is a real assett!

There I go again, digressing from my main topic 😆 another common problem with us ADD suffers.

So, my point is how do we stay on track and get things done. I have tried writing lists, keeping a diary and numerous other ways to ensure I stay on track but very few of these work for me.

I have got better over the years and I do use a project management system for all my staff which takes so much will power on my behalf you would not believe it.

The one surefire way to get things done on time is to make yourself accountable to someone other than yourself.

If you work for someone else then this is not an issue because you have accountability to your boss, you have to perform and be seen to do so otherwise you will be out of  job. However, if you work for yourself then there is nobody there to crack the whip and I believe that we ALL need some to be accountable to as it definitely improves our performance. Well it does mine anyway.

It can be a friend, your partner or your mentor, (if you don’t have a mentor, get one they really make a difference) By letting them know what you intend to do and when you intend to do it by.

Since using someone to hold me accountable, I find it so much easier to focus on that one thing until complete.

It is fair to say it is a trick of the mind but it works.

If you are having a problem getting things done try it. You can even use me if you like, email me with what you want to get done and I will stay on top of you cajoling and pestering you until it is complete.

Until next time.