Here is a video and a step by step guide to allowing comments on your blog.

If you use wordpress to build a traditional website or e-commerce store then for the bigger part you do not need to have comments activated. However, if you are setting up a conventional blog then it is a good idea to have comments on your site as the more interaction you get from your readers the better it is.

If you want to allow comments on your blog then the following video will show you how to do it in a few simple steps.



Go to Settings – Discussion


If you want to allow comments then tick the box


Select the comment must be manually approved


Add negative or spam keywords


Add a list of spammy keywords and swear words, You can search google for a list of spam words to add.

Choose if you want to use avatars and how you want them to appear.


Remember to “Save Changes” before leaving the page.


If you allow comments on the site then you can edit this on the page or post levell


Mouse over the Title and click on ‘Quick Edit’ then tick or untick the allow comments


You might want to allow comments on your posts or blog page but not on the ‘contact us’ and ‘privacy page’ etc.


Clcik on ‘Quick Edit’

Tick to allow comments on a page