Anchor Text Link Builder

Anchor text link builder is a free tool that will automate the process of generating anchor text to multipe urls.

If you are involved in any form of search engine optimisation then you need to be using anchore text. The anchor text link builder is really simple tool but very effective and will save you a ton of time. Anchor text link builder is also easy to use.

Anchor text is the highlighted text that is used to link to another wbsite. It is a good idea to use keywords as this will be picked up y the search engines whne they spider your website.

It is also important that the link goes to a relevant page on your site. Not always the front page. This is called deep linking. If you deep link to a page on your site that is very relevant to the anchor text that you use then this will also help your rankings for the given keyword.

Also, if the page where your anchor text appears is also relevant to the keyword and even better, has a high google page rank, then this will help you gain authority status and rocket your pages up the search engine rankings.

One link from another authority or high pr website is worth 20 links on a non related site or webpage.

Using the tool is simplicity itself.

Anchor Text Link Builder Instructions

Simply add the list of URL’s or target pages into the left hand box and a list of the anchor text that you wish to use in the right hand box.

Enter You Data into theĀ  Tool

FREE SEO Tool Options

Click the boxes on the options that you want. They are self explanatory.

Anchor Text Link Builder Results

Once you have entered all of this then tick the relevant boxes underneath like the nofollow tag then click process.

The results will be produced in the bottom box. Copy and paste the code and it is ready to be added to your website, blogs or to include in your article or bio boxes.

This link builder tool is free to use so pass the link onto anyone you know that has the need to use anchor text in their SEO efforts.

If you have any problems or issues with this or any of my free tools then let me know via my contact form.

Time is money so try out the anchor text link builder for youself and see the results.