I went to the dentist again today and had  some work done. The dentist, quite an attractive lady, smiled at me as she stuck in the needles then saying how sorry she was, while still smiling of course.

Now call me a cynic, but I have a deep rooted fear of dentists as does almost everyone I know and those that take up the profession must know this and therefore maybe they enjoy watching us go through  the excruciating embarrassment that we go through whilst trying to act hard while secretly wetting our pants.

They know we are scared they can smell it I am sure. Well I am sure she could in my case as she wore a double mask. Although I got to say I was not really that bothered and whilst it may be uncomfortable and the injections sting a bit, it does not hurt.

Says a man that has not been to the dentist for 20 years 👿

Well after dribbling for the last 3 hours the feeling and now the pain of the work is beginning to hit me so, I am going to drnk a cup of tea, now I can without dribbling and take 5000 milligrams of some very strong pain killer… Why? Beacuse I can..