Daniel, my youngest son, who is 11 has got his first site up and running.

It is www.bakugan-game.net I really do not understand the rules or the game much to Daniels frustration and amusement.

The Game of Bakugan You have a team of brawlers and each have their own bakugan’s then they have bakugan ability cards and bakugan gate cards there are also traps. so complicated and not only that I cannot read the text on the cards.. Old age again!!

I am sure games were not as complicated as this when I was younger. Monopoly, Cluedo and ludo was my staple gaming diet before the onsite of basic video games like bat and ball, pacman and space invaders. Those were the days.

Anyways, the website is a wordpress blog, like most of my sites and Dan has designed the website himself in Artisteer and created the structure and content all himself.

We have added adsens to the site and next we will be adding amazon so he can start making some money.

Most of the pages are already indexed and now I have to teach him how to build backlinks to the site.

I am really proud of what he has done and hope he makes some money from it.

If he keeps on like this and he builds a few more cash generating websites, he could well be earning more money per week than some adults earn.

The beauty of these sites is once they are done there is little else needs doing to them they just grow and keep generating money.

Even if they only make $10 per day, if he can build 10 of those sites over the next 12 months he will be on $100 per day passive income.

Not bad for an 11 year old (he will be 12 then 😉

Any one for a game of Bakugan I know someone who knows all the rules 🙂

Bakugan rules