There are many reasons that stop people from starting their own successful business. While there may be These are usually mental blocks like fear of failure, the journey into the unknown or perceived job security. 

The older you are, the more responsibilities you have and the longer you have had an employer, the harder it becomes to take that leap and start your own business. 

One of the first things to do is to try and remove limiting beliefs. Eliminating those limiting beliefs is like power washing your mind. 

Once it is done, it is fresh and clean, ready to absorb new empowering beliefs, which in turn will help give you the strength and confidence to change your life and maybe give you the impetus to start your own business, setting yourself on the journey to financial freedom.  

The most important thing that you need to overcome limiting beliefs is positivity. If you are not already, become someone that has the attitude that a glass is half-full and not half-empty. 

There are many empowering beliefs that can absolutely change your life but the number one way to get started is to practice positivity. Everytime a negative or self-doubting thought comes into your head, flip it!   

Change Limiting Beliefs for Empowering Beliefs 

Take the following 25 new empowering beliefs that anyone can use and then adapt them to yourself. Once you do that, it is time to strengthen and condition the new beliefs for them to stay strong.

Think of your muscles when you lift weights or do bodyweight conditioning. You build up the muscle, but it won’t stay if you stop conditioning it on a regular weekly schedule. 

It has been shown that someone who had built their biceps from 13 inches to 15 inches actually went backward when they stopped working out. After a year, the muscle was measured to be 12 inches, having shrunk even beyond the starting point.

That example should hit home and make you realise this is not a one-week affair but a lifelong commitment to empowering beliefs. 

Here Are The 25 New Beliefs You Can Start With. 

1) Be Prepared To Get Off The Hamster Wheel Of Life

Too many people get on the “hamster wheel” of life. It becomes an endless circle of waking up, working, and couch-surfing until bedtime. You need to give yourself permission to not only get off the hamster wheel but break it, so it is unusable. Learning and growing can be fun. Avoid the idea of learning like you did in school, where you may have found a number of the subjects boring. You can learn anything you want to since there is a lot of free information and relatively inexpensive courses online. Do you want to learn a new language quickly and travel to your dream destination? Do it now. Believe you can do it and break out of your comfort zone. Once you believe that you can learn the secrets to unlock your potential, you will soar. Go from working the 9-5 job to opening a camping and fishing business if that is what you always wanted to do but held the limiting belief it wasn’t possible for you.

2) Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Empowering beliefs will unlock your true potential. When you stop holding yourself back and permit yourself to get out of your comfort zone, you can do virtually anything. For example, if you let go of the limiting belief that you are not good-looking, rather boring, or don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute, you can put yourself out into the world. What would you do if you knew 100% that it is okay to try, fail and get right back up and do it again? For example, many people hold themselves back from showing their faces on social media. They know that they have a message that can help people, even if it is only to make them laugh and forget their troubles. Perhaps that is why there is an 88-year-old man on TikTok with 4.5 million viewers. He understands it is okay to put yourself out there, ignore any haters and live your best life.

3) Find A Support Network

It is a rare occurrence that anyone can go through life and succeed without help. If you want to be the best you, ask for help. Look for like-minded friends, mentors, or even coaches. You can explore different groups on social media where people work on themselves and drop knowledge in the groups. Look at doing Meetup groups. When you explore Meetup on the web, you use the search term “belief meetup” and browse your area’s groups. This is a wonderful place to meet people who are looking to work on their empowering beliefs. Drop the idea of not being worthy of success and empower yourself with the belief of “I am worthy of all I desire, and I accept it.”

4) Practice Self-care

There are two types of self-care that you should be practicing. Physical self-care involves pampering your body to make yourself feel wonderful. For empowering beliefs to assist in your quest for living up to your potential, you must practice emotional self-care. This type of self-care has you eliminating toxic people from your life or spending very little time with them. Instead, you seek out others who will help to uplift you. Those people will not fill your mind with negative talk about you or what is happening in the world; instead, they will praise your qualities and help to further them.

5) Focus On Your Strengths

You should make a list of what your strengths are and then look to build upon them. When you pay too much attention to your weak areas, it fills your mind with negative chatter and drastically halts any improvements you try to make. For example, if one of your strengths is generosity to those around you, look to improve that by including those you do not know. Start to volunteer or mentor those that you can help. With your generosity, stay humble. Do not tell everyone how wonderful you are because you helped five people in your neighbourhood. This is actually negative. Your acts will be noticed without you proclaiming them, and opportunities will flow that were not there before.

6) Ask Those You Trust For Constructive Criticism 

Be willing to accept feedback that is constructive and when it is not critical. When you allow constructive feedback, you learn there are things you can improve on that had not occurred to you. Feedback can be a great learning experience, especially if you have a mentor or coach.

7) Give Back Without Expecting Anything In Return 

We talked about generosity in terms of giving of yourself. You will not always have time to help out the elderly neighbour by mowing their lawn or volunteering at the hospital a couple of times per week. You can and should look for opportunities to donate food, clothing, or even money to organisations that you have researched. This empowering belief of giving back will serve you well. As before, do not engage in telling people about your deeds, especially on social media. You may get serious negative feedback, which will not help your belief system stay where it needs to be.

8) Make A List Of Limiting Beliefs You Want To Eliminate

You should have a list of limiting goals that you want to eliminate and a list of empowering beliefs to replace them with. As your empowering beliefs grow and get conditioned and strengthened, you can move into empowering goals. What goals can you set for yourself that will improve different areas of your life and allow you to live your potential best life? Look at setting health and fitness goals for example, and believe that by achieving them, you will be living up to your true potential.

9) Forgive Yourself And Don’t Go Over Past Mistakes

To live your best life, learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes and realise that you are not the same person. As you grow and empower yourself with new beliefs, the past should not hold you back. When you think of forgiveness, remember to forgive those who have wronged you. This may be hard at first, but you need to remember that constantly replaying negative movies in your mind will affect your ability to reach your potential and cause serious issues to your health. Forgiveness is healing, and believing you need to let go is empowering.

10) Persist & Win – Never, Ever Give Up

You have likely heard the term, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” This attitude is one of not giving up, no matter the roadblocks that come up in your particular situation. Believe that you can weather any storm and still grow while unlocking potential you did know existed. Many people will tell you that they learned so much by breaking through brick walls that stood before them. History is full of leaders that overcame adversity and excelled because they learned to take valuable lessons from defeats.

11) Believe In Yourself 

Self-belief may be one of the most empowering beliefs you can install in your mind. Although family, friends, or even coaches can really help, it is up to you to actually believe, “I can do it!” Think of people who do extreme sports. Yes, they have confidence, and they may even have trainers and coaches, but it is 100% up to them to believe and have the grit to do whatever is necessary to reach their full potential. If they started to climb a mountain, had doubts, and just sat down, the best coaches in the world cannot physically carry them to the top of the mountain. Believe in yourself and know you have the right stuff.

12) Be Assertive – Don’t Be Pushed Around 

How do you reach your potential in anything, including work? You believe in yourself and your abilities while calmly asserting your viewpoints. You believe you have the talent and will not allow people to dominate you or push you into things you know are wrong for you. Being assertive means you have self-confidence without being arrogant, and it shows in your body language and the tone of your voice.

13) Pay Attention To Your Feelings

Your true potential will be reached when you have the empowering belief of self-help or healing. We are not talking about the physical but knowing how to monitor your mental health. When you have a headache, you know it immediately but do you pick up on the signs of having a negative mindset moment? Here is where you need to believe in your ability to self-diagnose and take the right action. The correct action might be exercise, doing affirmations, or mediating to come into a calm state and then work on positive self-talk.

14) Take Responsibility For Everything In Your Life

There is an old saying, “If you want to know who is responsible for your life, look in the mirror.” It isn’t your parents or your significant other. It is you, and that also means guarding against doing things that you know go against your core values and beliefs. When necessary, get used to saying, “No, instead of maybe or okay if that is what you want.” People will also respect you and your personal space more if they see you cannot be bullied into doing things that are just not for you. Believe you are strong enough to say no when it is necessary.

15) Remember You Are Unique 

Are you unique? Of course, you are. There is no one else in the universe like you. Have the belief that you are unique and were born to do great things with your potential. Your thoughts are yours alone. No one else knows exactly what you are thinking, which adds to the unique voice you bring to the world. You can be unique and change many of the things around you, even on a global scale. Think about the unique talents you have and bring them out for all to see.

16) You Have A Purpose In Life – Work Out What It Is

Believe that we are all here for a specific purpose, and by looking at your core values and beliefs, you can write out your purpose in life. If you are not fully aware of what your core values and empowering beliefs are, write them out now. Tell yourself that your life has a significant meaning, and you are here to share your gift with the world. You need to believe you are significant and here for a purpose.

17) Practise Gratitude Every Day 

Live in gratitude. Empower yourself with the belief that you deserve everything, from the smallest to the largest. This means you are grateful for your food, family, and where you live. Because you are thankful and speak your gratitude, more bountiful blessings will come your way.

18) Give 100% In All That You Do

You will reach your full potential when you believe in giving your all. You understand that not everything is going to work, but you will use grit and determination to give 100% attention to the tasks at hand. There is a saying that if something is worth doing, then it is worth doing it well.” Expand on the word well and make it an absolute total effort.

19) Learn To Control Your Fear  

Immerse yourself in the idea that fear is “false evidence that appears real.” When you feel fear, just put your head down and push through it while feeling excited about the opportunity. Believe that while you are above ground, fear can be the fuel that gets your motor running, and you excel at whatever it is that you want to accomplish.

20) Dream Big And Take Action To Reach Them

As you manage your fears, tell yourself that it is okay to have big dreams and go all out to reach them. You may not accomplish all of them, but when you look back at all the successes you did have, you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. When you look at people who climb Mt. Everest and succeed, understand that they had fear, but the seemingly impossible task drove them forward no matter what. Their internal mindset of believing they can conquer the mountain overcomes all the physical and emotional issues they face. Tackle your big dreams in this manner and believe you can do it.

21) Always Think Positively 

Believe you are trustworthy and honest and have actions to back that up. When you talk to others, the words you use show them what type of person you are, and because you believe in your integrity, this will show when you speak. Think in terms of positivity and communicate without negativity or tone of voice that may cause people to believe you are insincere. Empower yourself today with positive words and actions.

22) Don’t Dwell On The Past & Live In The Present

We look at our lives in three parts, the past, the present, and the future. You free yourself when you let go of the past and do not allow it to dwell in your mind as a negative. This means you can live positively in the present moment and prepare to be the best person possible in the future. Live every day as if it were your last day. How would you think, act and present yourself to the world? Step up your game every day and belief in the power of your abilities.

23) Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable

The belief that it is okay to be vulnerable, should be on your list of empowering beliefs. If you aren’t vulnerable, it means you lack empathy and being accountable. Being vulnerable is how you open yourself up for joy, peace, and love which we all desire. It also gives you strength and enables you to have complete belief in yourself and your abilities.

24) Keep An Open Mind 

Try to keep an open mind. Keep yourself open and looking for opportunities? Because you believe in yourself fully, you should be open to finding new friends or people you can associate with and exchange mutual ideas that benefit both parties. Keeping an open mind means you find ways to reduce debt, save money, invest or even start the business you always dreamed of. Since you dissolved your limiting beliefs, there is nothing to block those signals pinging that there is a fantastic opportunity around the corner.

25) Learn To Say No

While it is important to keep an open mind, it is also important that you learn to choose the right opportunities and learn to say NO to anything that does not fit with your current strategy. Getting involved in too many things will result in nothing getting completed properly. 

There, we have just completed 25 fantastic empowering beliefs that will help to unlock your true potential. That doesn’t mean you are done; it just means you have a great framework to be the best you possible. 

Every day, you should look for new empowering beliefs that may not be listed here. Those different beliefs and your ability to install, condition, and strengthen them in your mind, will lead you to your full potential. Live the life you always dreamed of.