Well we have been in Bali for 3 months now and life is great. When I first came it was work, work, work 6 or 7 days a week and 10 to 12 hour days. With little reward or appreciation and never a thank you!!

I think I forgot the actual reason we were moving away from the UK and that was to have quality time together with Sharon and the Kids.

So, now I finally got it and have spent the last week doing very little. We toured the north of the Island and got myself a motorbike (YESSS)

We have a number of things going on mainly internet based, of course, as we plan to travel around Asia over the next year or so and need to be flexible with our workload 🙂

We have also had a good response to our sourcing service which has been setup to find products that are made in Asia to send back to spain, the UK and the US.

We have chosen a range of great products and plan to sell them for a smallish profit to build up a good reputation and still make some money.

We have met a very experienced export and shipping guy who has been a great help in setting everything up.

So, at last I realised what I was here for which means we are all a lot happier.

I cannot belive just how stressed out I had become in Bali… Hard to imagine in theis Island paradise.

So, take note.. it always pays to take time out to sit back and look at our life and make sure you are really doing what you should be to get the most out of it.