How To Get Clickable Links on YouTube Videos

If you use video marketing then you need to know how to get clickable links on youtub videos.  Getting clickable links on youtube videos is really simple and free to do. The one downside is that this method does not allow you to get links on you tube. However, you can embed your youtube videos into your blog or website and to other blogs and forums.

Clickable Links On YouTube Videos

Go to youtube and find the video that you want clickable links on and copy the end of the url see below.




Go to



Paste the code into the box and then button text which is what your viewers will see on the top right hand side of the video, then the url of the page you want to link to. I leave button mode as show always. Add your hover title and hover text.

You can view it at anytime by clicking preview. Once you have finished click on save and get code. You will then have a number of choices.


I use embed code. Copy this code and add it to your website or blog. Your video will appear with the links. Getting clickable links on youtube videos is really easy to do. Try it and see for yourself. It will help you get fast google rankings There is a way to get clickable links on youtube videos on the youtube website. This is a bit more involved and will cost a couple of dollars but I will do a video of this



Clickable links on youtube videos