Don’t Be Fooled By the Google Search Results on Your PCgoogle search results

Google is continually striving to improve the way we interact with the internet. They are innovative and forward thinking. Some things they get right and some they get wrong.

I love this about them, they are not afraid to try things.

One of the ways they tried to improve our google experience was to interact with our computers. This has lead to many of us jumping up band down shouting ye ha or wa hoo and a number of other excited expletives. Unfortunately, this can be followed with severe bouts of depression and outbursts of tears and tantrums.

Let me explain, a few weeks ago I had an email from someone who was ecstatic, they had setup a website in a tough niche and they had been working hard to get it ranking for what I had told him were very, very difficult keyword phrases to rank for. He was writing to rub my nose in his superb SEO skills and to inform me that I did not know what I was talking about. Several of his keyword phrases were now at the top of the google search results. Numero uno, number one the top spot and all within a matter of weeks. He was so excited he thought all his birthdays had come at once. He, was ready for the money to come rolling in in bucket loads.

He was of the opinion that this SEO stuff was indeed a piece of cake.

Now, I do not like to see a grown man cry or to wet on his fireworks but, I had to tell him that although he was looking at his website on the top spot for his keyword terms, the rest of the world could not find them on page 10 and beyond for anything at all.

Google Search Results Can Be Unique To You

The reason is that google wants to make your experience the best it can and one of the ways it does this is to hijack your computer if you use the google toolbar or are logged into your gmail account. Websites that you visit regularly are often placed higher up the results for your convenience.

He had been doing two things that helped his meteoric rise to SEO stardom (on his computer only disappointingly)

First he used to type his domain name into the google search box instead of the address bar and he was also searching for his keyword phrases daily, searching down the results pages until he came to his site and then clicking on it. Google had noticed this and in their desire to help him, or maybe they do it for a laugh, who knows, they then placed his website to the top of his personal results pages.

If you are going to check your own rankings do so through a proxy server and also stop google from following your search patterns in the settings pages.

Luckily, he was able to cancel his order for the Porsche Carrera and he has now stopped swearing at his computer. I have told him that things can only get better and he will get over the overwhelming feelings of disappointment that he feels, especially when his site does get recognised by google as the authority place to go for his niche and can be seen by the rest of the world, or at least the UK where he is based, and not just on his machine.

Good luck and do not get fooled by the mighty google search results appearing on your pc.

Getting Accurate Google Search Results

If you want to get accurate google search results then the best way is to use a proxy server. You can use, or Go to one of these sites and go to or whichever google site you want to check your ranking for and then search for your keyword phrases you will then be given the google search results as seen by anyone else when they do a google search.

The other way is to use a firefox plugin called google global. You can then check a list of other google websites  from within the firefox browser instantly.

So, dont be fooled into thinking that you are number one just because you can see your site on the top of your search results, use the techniques above and get the right google search results.