In sales we always train people never to prejudge a client or a prospect. You should always treat people the same and don’t be fooled by first impressions.

The mantra don’t pre judge is not just in sales but is with most things. I have been reminded of this recently in my trip here to Perth.

I have been kind of busy with a number of projects and although we had planned to have a holiday and had even booked the flights some time ago I was not looking forward to it.

I love Bali and was wrapped up in what I was doing. then I started hearing the rumours! It is so hot in Perth you cannot breath, there are loads of fires, there is a big drought in Western Australia and watch out for the spiders and snakes..

I was thinking why would anyone want to got to a place that has the only salt water crocodiles in the World, the only poisonous mammal, the most poisonous spiders and snakes and jelly fish with 3 metre tentacles that paralyse you??

So, now my desire to travel there was less than positive. in fact I had already decided that I did not like it and was happy to change the flights and go off to Hong Kong instead.

It was only that although we could change the flight dates or times, we could not change the destination and being a tight old git, I did not want to waste them so with a sulky face and the odd whinge I boarded the plane to Perth.

Well, what a place it is fantastic, hot days and cool evenings perfect. The beaches are safe and clean, there are so many Parks and BBQ areas and walk ways and National Parks it is amazing. The people are fantastic too, so friendly and it is a very multi cultured society too. The lifestyle is amazing, everyone is out and about doing something.

It has definitely given me a slap in the chops when it comes to pre judging. My family and I would mover here in a heart beat, but I don’t think they will have me. especially if they had heard my earlier comments.

That will teach me to talk about and comment on something I have absolutely no knoweldge or expereince of… Or will it?