Editing NameCheap Nameservers

This short video shows you how to edit the nameservers and point them to the hosting account.

This is only relevant to the Namecheap website system. 🙂

Editing GoDaddy Name Servers

How To Edit your godaddy nameservers

Log in to your account


Click on Show All domains


Clcik onto show all domains and then select the domain that you wish to edit.

Select Domain name


Once you select the domain name then the above options become clickable. Click on Nameservers

Ensure the “I Have Speceific Nameservers For My Domain” Is slected


Add nameservers information provided by the hosting company


Add nameservers and click on OK


TheFollowing message will appear then click OK


It can take a few hours to change although this normally happens in a few minutes.

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