Do you ever get the feeling that you wished you had not started something? Well that is me at the minute.

I setup this blog many years ago but have not been updating it regularly for a long time. This is the reason that there is no dates on the posts so visitors would not know when the last time it was updated! Sneaky eh?

I designed the theme myself (and before you say it, yes I know it is not that good) I am a poor designer and used a software program called artisteer theme designer. The lazy man in me said that it was about the content not the design so it did not matter too much. Also, my money sites were far more important so I did not bother.

Joining the Quick Start Challenge has brought out the guilty bit now and I have been inspired to get this blog back on track and, as well as following my progress, I wanted to reinvigorate the blog, giving it a more modern design and feel. Something clean and brightI was thinking.

Also, one of the QSC3 group suggested I should have a responsive theme and, of course she is right.

So, I started the search for a theme but this has led to no end of problems. Already the menu has gone askew and as the theme is so old I cant get it back. Also, the new themes I did not like. Another, QSC member sent me access to a great theme called Anew but on loading it the side bars are all out.

It is apparent that this is not a simple matter of activating a new theme but totally redoing a lot of the site to get it right.

That is why I am thinking I wish I had left it alone. I have thought of outsourcing the work but in the spirit of the quick start challenge I will do it myself over the week-end.

One thing that does come to mind is that you really need to finish what you start. This is the key to success.

John Lee Dumas of Entrpreneur on fire uses the acronym F.O.C.U.S

F  – Focus
O  – one
C  – Course
U – Until
S  – Success

The thing is there is so much going on in our lives this can be tough.

The Quick Start Challenge is a prime example. It is something i really want to do but there is so much else going on in my life that I was wondering whether to get involved.

The way I have found around it is to compartmentalise things. So, I have a number of things going on and I schedule them in and then focus on that one thing until I have run out of time or completed the task. That way, I seem to get more done that trying to setup the blog. Then call some customers, then check my email, then, then etc…

This has had a massive impact on my productivity and although I do not always stick to the plan, when i do it produces great results.

So the moral of the story is. Start something and finish it before doing something else.

Wish me luck 🙂


  1. Col Cooper says:

    Hey Lloyd, some really great points to consider when trying to decide if your blog is “right” or not. I have had many similar thoughts…but I feel the main point that sticks out is that as long as the seo “is working” or the title of your posts catch the eye…that’s already a great start.

    • lloydh says:

      Thanks Col, I believe SEO is tough but having a catchy post title and getting it out there will help drive traffic.

      We need to be pro-active these days and use as many different avenues as we can to find people interested in what we have to say and sell. Forums, blogs, social media and video can all help to drive valued traffic.

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