Free SEO Tools That Will Help Your Search Engine Rankings

Free SEO ToolsThere are a number of software programs that can help you with your bid to get your website ranked higher in the SERPS, but there is nothing better than FREE SEO tools, especially if those tools are really useful.

I work with a number of great software programs that I have bought over the years that save me time and money, but, very often there are little things that we need to do that are time – consuming and this is where my little stash of free SEO tools come in handy.

The Second Of My Free SEO Tools – EDIT –


The second of my free SEO tools is the keyword-multiplier-tool. This tool will help you create a massive list of keywords.

Quite often, when I am building a keyword list, I try to use long – tail keywords. So, for example, I might want to be working on solar panels now for an AdWords campaign. This can be very expensive. The other thing is when someone types in “solar panels”, they are generally looking for information. I want to buy cheaper clicks and have people come to my site that are closer to the buying phase.

With the “solar panel” example, I might want to have

  • Solar panels London
  • Solar panels, Enfield
  • Solar panels, Barnet
  • Solar panels North London.

With the free SEO tool keyword mutliplier tool you simply add your main list of keywords

  • Solar panels
  • solar panel
  • solar panles

Then in the next box you add the areas

  • London
  • Enfield
  • Barnet

You can also add other variables as well. Once completed, click the “click to create keywords” button and hey presto. You will have a list of keywords that you can add straight into your adwords campaign.

There are a couple of other handy free SEO tools under the menu above.