Search engine optimisation is about so many things. You will read many different theories on the rights and wrongs of ranking your website, design factors, on page optimisation, W3C compliance and the like.

The thing is this can all be done over time and I would always recommend that you first get it up (if you pardon the pun) and then work on getting it right.

When trying to rank your website in the search engines, produce a new product or even to design a new website, the first thing is to get it up and out there.

Whilst of course it is important to get it right waiting for perfection is a problem we should try and live without.

Every time I look at my website I find of something that I think I can improve. I also get comments from visitors either praise or criticism which is great. Any form of feedback is very much appreciated as they have taken the time to put finger to keyboard and type me a message.

I have tried many different ways to make the site better. Most of the improvements these days revolve around faster speeding times as this makes a difference to my google rankings and, of course, the visitor experience.

Over time, I believe that my website has improved in the way it looks and the overall onpage search engine optimisation.IT is still far from perfect but, I think that it is doing ok. It ranks well for a number of highly competitive terms with very few backlinks.

However much you are tempted to wait until everything is just right, I suggest you get your site online or your product launched as soon as possible and you will reap the benefits.

As always if you have any questions or comments then do not hesitate to email me via my contact us form.