I just got back on a flight from Goa. It was with Thomas Cook. I was really against flying on a charter for such a long haul flight.

The girl in the TC office sold me on the benefits of the premium cabin plenty of legroom only 2 seats across. What the woman failed to tell me was that the seats were more like wooden benches with hard pointy lumps in them.

Traveling with one of the other scheduled airlines would have meant flying from Manchester Goa via Heathrow and Mumbai.

However after an 11 hour flight sat on a chair made for torture, I will take the longer more comfortable route next time.

How many other people must feel the same way as me?

No wonder the idiots are losing money and customers when they fail to provide the basic comforts required for an 11 hour flight.

How difficult can it be to put a cushion on the seat to keep my bottom pampered the way I like it?

Mind you the entertainment was great. And I don’t mean the drunk girls that got escorted off the plane in Goa by Police armed with machine guns either.