Google Instant

Google instant, is a major game changer, if you have used google recently then you should have noticed that not only does the search box bring up a list of the suggestions as you type but the search results also change. Google Instant

I am not sure how many people are aware of how much difference this will make to the results. Google instant will have far reaching results and you can rest assured that many of us will see our search engine rankings be affected. Google say it does not alter the results but I have already seen a difference on some of my sites. Fortunately, they have all been positive.

Google Instant and SEO

Now, if you have been diligent in your SEO efforts then google instant will not hurt you. However, if you have tricked the results or bought backlinks from dubious link farms then you may well be renegaded to obscurity.

Search engine optimisation takes time and effort and there are NO short cuts, I know I have tried. Eventually I realised that try as I might the only way to do it is properly and that is the hard way.

I have a number of top ranking sites and as time goes on it gets easier to get good rankings by linking sites to each other.

In my experience it does not have to be related links to get good search engine rankings. But, a site that ranks well will help other sites rise to the top.

Google Instant and Future Changes

Google instant shows just how far advanced they are becoming and I believe this is the start of a lot of changes with the google search engine. Google do their best to put us off the scent of what they are upto yet these changes will make google instant a major game changer.

So, ignore the the signs if you dare but one thing is for sure that the future is just beginning and that the start is google instant.