How to Rank Well In Google

PLEASE NOTE: If you are reading this post – Please note it was written in 2010 when ranking was a different animal pre penguin, panda, big eagle or whatever the latest update is now called. I am not so cocky as I was back then when I could rank for a keyword phrase in minutes and ranked number one for “who is the number one SEO expert” and  “lightning fast google rankings” 

It is still possible to rank well but it is a lot more work than it used to be and more of an ongoing process to keep ahead of the competition.

How to rank well in google is one of the most commonly asked questions that I am asked. It is not as hard as you might think if you know how.

Ranking in google and more importantly ranking on the first page of google is imperative if you are hoping to generate traffic from the natural search engine results pages of SERPS as they are known.

If you check out some of the title of the posts on this page you will see many of them rank very well in google. a lot of them have number one two or three positions. You will also see that I do not have millions of links into my site, nor do I have thousands of pages.

I can get a number one spot on google in less than a minute and this is because the work I have done before today. These techniques means that I get the search engines paying attention to my site the instant I make a post.

How To Rank Well In Google – Using 3rd party toolsRank Well In Google

One of the secrets is to make sure that you book mark your posts and this can be done in a variety of ways. Onlywire is a great service and I also recommend the use of Auto social poster pro . Auto social poster pro is a great wordpress plugin which automatically posts to a large number of social bookmarking sites. You can register any number of different accounts with each bookmarking site so that the links do not all come from the same account.

It is also important to create unique content and do not rely on one particular strategy or technique to rank your website.

How to Rank Well In Google – Pick Your Battles

Another point is to not try to go for keywords that are highly competitive and if you do start of with long tail keywords. Structure your long tail phrases so that they make sense as they are shortened so for example “How to rank well in google search engine results”  As your site gets more attention and ranks higher so you will begin to rank for the more competitive keywords. Notice as you remove each word from the above phrase it still makes sense and if you look even further you will see that removing words from the front part of the sentence the remaining words still make sense and even removing words from the front and back makes no difference to the readability of the phrase.

“rank well in google” or google search engine results” and even “google search engine” (not that I believe that many people will be able to rank for that particular term anytime soon and I would not suggest you try. Especially with 268,000,000 results 🙂 )

The longer you play the game the better you will become and, like a fine wine your site will improve over time, and the results you will achieve will get better and better. Now you know how to rank well in google why not get started today?

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