How To Rank Well On Google

If you want to know how to rank well on google then you really should get your information direct from the source. Ie. Google, Google provide a wealth of information on how to rank your website well on the google SERPS. (search engine results pages)

Their webmaster tools which can be found at Google webmaster help There is everything you need to not only find out how to rank your website but also they provide the tools to do it with.

You can setup google analytics which will show you who comes to your website how many hits, where they come from and the keywords that they used to find you.

They are an invaluable source of information which you should have on every site that you own or manage.

Once you work out how to rank well on google by reading and studying the google webmaster pages as well as the Matt Cutts Videos you should put what you learn into practise bit by bit.

It is much better to work steadily and make it an ongoing part of your strategy rather than bash away like a mad thing for several weeks and then stop and leave it alone for months.

If you want to be successful online whatever market you are in you really must spend time to understand how the search engines work. This is equally true even if you intend to outsource your search engine optimisation work.

There are many companies the offer you SEO services at varying prices but few actually really know what they are doing.

You need to have an idea as I have seen websites losing rankings due to careless link building, mass links appearing overnight and links to a website from link farms or other dubious paid link services.

The boys at www.ppcblog have also put together a really good diagram of how google works. Click on it to see a full size version.

Pandemonium and chaos is the key to good SEO in my experience so come back here soon where I will put together a basic SEO course to show you what you need to know before you begin your SEO work.