Keyword Winner – A Keyword Checker

This keyword checker is a helpful way to research your article titles. Keyword winner is a wordpress plugin which will discover valuable keywords to be used for the title of your articles.

Keyword Winner works from within wordpress and is simple to use.

When trying to rank your blog it is important that you get the title right. Keyword winner, trawls through the keywords and gives you a lot more information to enable you to choose the best keyword phrase for your article title.

Keyword Winner – Targeted Keywords and SEO Stats in An Instant

It is possible to obtain targeted and highly searched, keyword phrases that are low in competition.

This can of course be done by hand and, if you are trying to rank for any given keyword phrase then you should use the google keyword tool . Keyword Winner however, automates this process totally. It is great for SEO, especially for bloggers.

Keyword Winner simplifies the task of writing posts and ranking well in the search engines.

Creating an article title is an art and if you want to rank your blog post then you need to do the keyword research to find the top searched keywords, then write a number of titles before typing them into google to check the number of competing pages. You then pick the best of the bunch and away you go.

If you write a lot of blog posts or articles then this can take considerable time. Keyword winner will save you hours as well as make sure you choose headlines that will work for you.

There are companies that provide keyword research services at a cost, they will analyse keywords and provide keyword statistics for you but keyword winner will cost a fraction of what these companies charge.

Getting top rankings is not easy. You need to create headlines that attract your audience as well as look good to google.

If you hold a top position for a well searched keyword phrase you can guarantee that you will generate traffic to your site and money will follow.

Take a look at what Keyword Winner will do:

Competition, Insights, Search Trends and Backlink Analysis

You first type in your title or keyowrd phrase and then click on ‘get suggestions’ keyword winner will bring back instant stats to help you choose the best headline based on the monthly searches,¬† competitiveness and the google search trend.

Google Keyword Suggestions To Source Low Competition titles and Headlines

Colour Coded to see in an instant the Best Terms to target. There are three colour codes, Red for the most difficult keyword phrases, ornage and then green for the easiest words to target. You can then dig down on any of the phrases to find hidden gems to work with.

Competition Page Rank Checker
You will be able to quickly see the competition rank in the admin area and easily edit and improve page competition.

By finding the best and easiest keyowrds to rank for you can get to the top of google to promote affiliate programs  and of course your own products, converting visitors to your pages into sales.

Keyowrd winner cost

The price is very low for such a powerful and usefull wordpress plugin.

It costs:
$47 – 1 site license
$97 – Unlimited site license

You also get a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with the plugin. So, try it out for yourself and let me know how you get on.

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Keyword winner is highly recommended.