Bali is a fantastic place to live. The people are friendly and helpful, the weather is great and we all just love it.

Thanks to Mark Attwood, one of the hardest workers and focussed people I have ever met, the family packed up our house and we winged our way to this sunny island in Asia.

They call it the Island of the gods and you can see why, apart from the fact that the majority of the Balinese are Hindus, each with their own temple which they provide offerings several times a day, but also because of the fruits that Bali provides and the beauty that surrounds you.

We moved into a house with fantastic panaramic views out over Nusa Dua and onto the Indian Ocean. Waking up every morning as the sun rises (not ut of choice but the kids start school at 7.30 ouch) and another blue sky just makes you feel good.

After living in Lanzarote and Tenerife for many years and then spending the last 3 years in the UK I was surprised that I had forgtoten how much of a difference it makes living in the sunshine. Ther is definitely a feelgood factor that you do not have when you wake up in the dark which slowly lightens to a dull grey.

There is healing in them there sun rays and makes life all that more enjyable, unless you are a penguin or a polar bear in which case you are in trouble with temperatures of 30 degrees celcius 🙂

oh well. off to the office which also looks out over the sea by the way. Are you jealous yet?