I am amazed at the amount of people trying to sell how to make money online courses. Yet these so called experts have never made any money online themselves.

They read a book or course, copy it and try to sell it. Promising untold millions, overnight success and give up your day job.

They say copy my formula and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

It is sad actually as they are aiming at those people who really need the money and can least afford to be wasting on these false promises or who really need to make some money. They spend their hard earned cash on one course after another and none of them work.

Whilst there are some great ways to make money online the big problem with is that the sales letter promise the world and are very compelling, they are designed to draw you in and take you through a sales process that will have your drooling and pulling out your wallet as if you are in a trance.

The unfortunate thing is that very few of these courses actually help you make real money online and this is for several reasons.

  1. People buy them and do not take any action
  2. They follow the process but give up when they reach the first hurdle
  3. The course does not tell you how to really make money, they miss out the meat of the strategy and then try to upsell you on a much more expensive course.
  4. The stragey that the guru is using works because he has friends with massive lists
  5. The guy uses automated systems to really crank up the system and these are not easy to use for the technically challenged, which is most of us trying to make money online.
  6. The system just does not work.

There are just so many scams.

The first thing that you need to do if you want to make money online is to look at what you are good at and decide what area of the Internet that you want to make money in.

You can go into blogging, e-commerce, training courses, marketing, trading, eBay and so many other types of businesses. List your strengths , skills and abilities and then choose an Internet business that will suit you.

Don’t read the shiny sales letters and get taken in by the promises of overnight success. It just does not happen like that.