Making money online and working from home is a dream for a lot of us.

There is a wealth of how to courses available on every different subject you can imagine. Everything from FOREX trading to selling on Ebay.

The problem is that there is so much choice that it is hard to know what is right for you.

People get blinded by the temptation of earning their fortune online, they read the numerous sales letter and get caught up in the hype.

Pressing their buy now button and spending their hard earned cash on a course that fails to meet the promises made.

The biggest problem however, is not the fact that the course fails to deliver, the main problem is that we all have different talents and abilities. Some of us are good at facts and figures, analysing things and paying attention to detail, others are great at ideas or designing but have great difficulty in understanding html or php.

The secret to success is to first work out what you are good at and make your decision based on that not on the compulsive, persuasive sales letters that all sound so simple to copy.

I have spent time searching for something that can help with this decision and there is nothing available.

I have been involved in a number if different businesses over the years and I have always used other people or companies to assist me in tasks that I was not competent at, or did not like to do.

Yet, with my internet business I tended to do everything. This slowed me down no-end and meant that I spent days of wasted time learning things that could easily have been outsourced.

The internet is a minefield and those wishing to get involved need to spend time assessing their skill and ability levels.

Making money online is easy if you spend time doing things you like and are able to do. so beware of the sales letters and choose something that you are good at before you get going.