Social media marketing is a very important part of promoting your business today.

With more than 1 billion registered users Facebook is the number one Social media website. However, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram and twitter should also rank high on your list of priorities when trying to promote your business through the medium of social media can.

Whilst many local businesses still use traditional advertising, more and more are becoming aware of the benefits of using social media as a way to generate new business as well as keeping contact with existing customers.

A lot of businesses consider Facebook to be the place where people go to post some pictures of pussycats or silly pictures of dogs, But the fact is that a lot more businesses have realised the potential that using the likes of Facebook can bring. Not only that, the social media sites and now allow you to promote your posts or advertise within members newsfeeds. This opens up a whole new world to business owners trying to promote their Products or services.

Pay per click advertising, Media buys and other advertising media online can be a minefield but unlike traditional advertising most of these can have an instant effect on your business. It allows Business owners to control their marketing budgets much easier.

Advertising Yellow Pages is expensive and has to be prepaid. Whilst it may pay to advertise in the Yellow Pages it is difficult to judge the level or return or value or to say what level of response you’ve had and, at the end of year, if you’ve had very little business from the Yellow Pages or other off-line media adverts, there’s nothing you can do you have spent your money.

You can pay considerable amount of money for an off-line advert in a daily newspaper or weekly or a radical, and again this may result in huge increase in business, On the other hand you may get nothing from it zip, nilch, nada….

With pay per click for, you only actually pay when someone clicks on your advert. And with huge to reach that sites like Google and Facebook have you can generate a mass of traffic to your website in hours.

With pay per click you can control to traffic and the budget and it is much easier to get to calculate your ROI and therefore understand exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Pay per click also allows you to be very specific with your demographic especially on sites like Facebook when you can choose the age, Sex and location of the people that see your advert.

If you’re advertising or trying to sell nail art example you can target 18 to 25-year-old female in your local area or worldwide if you choose meaning that only the people there will be interested in your product Will get to see the advert. Another benefit with advertising on places like Facebook is that if someone likes your advert they can share it with their friends giving you additional exposure at no extra cost.

So before you go and place your next advert in your local newspaper why not take a look at advertising on Facebook twitter or google? See just what implementing a social media strategy can do to improve and grow your business.


  1. Steven Brough says:

    Hi! Its Steven here from QSC. This post is so helpful especially for those who think that social media is merely just for socialization, its not. Thanks for the information and congrats on your QSC journey.

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