I am so happy to be married to a lovely woman, Sharon, who means the world to me. Not only that she is so organised compared to me.She keeps me on the straight and narrow. I would be totally lost without her.

I discovered some time ago that I have ADD (attention deficit disorder) and whilst there are many benefits to this condition there are a few downsides. The main one not being able to complete a task!!

This is not good when you are trying to pack to move house.

We are moving to Bali, Indonesia and have decided to not take a lot, compared to when we moved to the UK and had a whole container of stuff to bring back.

We figure that we will get over to the new place and buy what we need and then bring over what we can’t find.

Nick nacks don’t mean much to us men and Sharon is pretty good too. Which is great as the shipping costs to Bali are not cheap.

So, just the essentials, computer, xbox, playstation and some clothes for me and Daniel. A little more for the girls 🙂

My problem is I am able to empty out all the cupboards but sorting it all out is beyond me. I know this sounds stupid but if you suffer with ADD you will know exactly what I am talking about.

I am sure I am getting worse with age. I think that ADD is being aided by the early onset of dementia as I forget everything. What was it I was meaning to say….

Another problem I have is hoarderitis. Now I am not sure that this is the correct terminology for the said disease but an affliction it is.

I cannot throw anything out. There was a program on the telly where the council went in to this guys house to empty it, as he collected so much crap you could not get into the house. Without Sharon I would be the same I think. With that in mind it is time to get out of the house for a while and let the whirling dervish get on with throwing things out. Oh how that pains me!!!