Whether you like it or psychology plays a very big part in the sale process. Selling a product or service is made easier if you understand the way that the mind works when making a buying decision.

There are a number of factors that will help you get your customer to buy from you. These techniques are not just used to convince people to buy from you, these same practises are used by politicians and others when trying to influence you in a certain way.

The power of persuasion can be highly influential in many areas but is ideal for when you want to persuade someone to buy your product or service.

They come under 6 basic headings which are:-


  1. Reciprocity 
  2. Scarcity
  3. Authority
  4. Consistency
  5. Liking
  6. Consensus

The following video explains in more details. If you want to improve your sales then you can do a lot worse than trying to integrate some of these techniques into your sales presentation or advertising promotions.


Adapting your presentation to include the 6 basics of persuasion will make a difference to your sales, so why not try them and see for yourself how efective that they can be.


Split Testing Your Advertising and Sales Presentations

When trialling any new advertising, marketing or promotions always try to split test so that you are able to judge the results.

Once you have established your current conversion, it is easy to test it against an existing advert or promotion. Another way to do it is to setup two new promotions or trials so that you are able to monitor the success of each one.

You then look at the most successful method which becomes your control you then change the lowest performing advert and measure again, each time trying to out-perform the lowest.

So for example you run and avert for a new thermal solar hot water system

The advert that you have been running brings in 20 leads per week for for a cost of £250 which is a cost of £12.50 per lead. Lets say you are currently converting these leads at 10%, that is a 2 deals which gives you a marketing cost of £125 per deal. If you edit the title on one advert and and re-write the content of another and then run the 3 of them you can then measure the 3 adverts to see which one is the best and shows the most improvement.

If the second one with the title brings in  30 leads that brings the lead cost down to £8.33 and if the closing ratio stays the same at 10% then your marketing cost is also reduced to £83.33 per deal a 33% saving on your marketing costs. If your third advert with new content brings in the same number of leads as the first (20 leads) but there is an increase in the closing to 15% (as maybe you are bringing in more targeted leads, which means less work for more money), then the lead cost remains the same and the marketing cost would be the same as the 2nd advert generating 30 leads.

If you can then create a new advert which combines the new title and the content and that then increases the lead generation and the closing percentage then you are on to a winner.  £8.33 per lead and more importantly , you reduce your marketing cost to £55.55 per deal.

Knowing your number is always important (as you will know if you watch Dragons Den) but, if you are going to try and introduce new methods of selling like the persuasive techniqies shown in the above video then it is even more important.