Pro Tech Roof Solutions For Roof Repairs

Pro Tech Roof solutions have recently setup a website for their clients to go and check them out. 

Their marketing director as talking to me about pro tech roof solutions services and products. They use direct marketing to generate their clients and then use each client as an example of the quality of their work and also for referrals.

The problem is that the pro tech roof solutions website has absolutely no on page optimisation and no thought has gone into the keyword research or the general design of the site.

This means that not only will no one find the site when they are looking for roof repairs, roof coatings or any of the other keywords related to the products and services that pro-tech roof solutions offer.

Also, if people do find the site by searching for the term “pro tech roof solutions” once they get to the site, it is confusing and does not do the product or the service they offer the justice they deserve.

Pro tech roof solutions are not the only ones with this problem

Pro tech roof solutions are not unique in this. So many companies throw up a website in their desire to have an online presence but fail to actually sit down and plan out what they actually want from a website.

As a company that uses a lot of direct marketing which is very expensive to generate leads, I wonder how many they actually lose when clients visit the site.

If you run an offline business and want to get more business by selling your product or service via the internet and your own website then make sure that you spend some time to sit down and work out exactly what you want from a website. Is it to provide information, generate leads, be a place to show off your work, validate the fact that you are a professional company or all of the above?

Whatever it is you will need to spend money on getting your website right but, if it is done properly then you will reap the rewards many times over. Once the site is done then all you need to do is maintain it by adding regular content which takes very little time or money but will make sure that once a visitor comes to your site they are impressed and stay on there for enough time to favour your company when it comes to ordering your product or service.

If , on the other hand you want to start generating business from the search engines then this will take a lot more work on your search engine optimisation, especially in a competitive market. But start with the basics, get that right and you are half way there.

I know that the products that pro tech roof solutions are great, they just need their website to back that up.

Pro tech roof solutions provide ceramic based acrylic coatings that protect and enhance your roof.

You can find out more about pro tech roof solutions from their website.