I have set up a number of websites recently and launched them onto the world… 🙂

Proof that using the keywords in the domain name can make a huge difference is born out by several of them. www.BaliTradeDirectory.com has been online a couple of weeks and already number one for the term “Bali trade directory” and is number one for “trade directory bali” . (without quotes)

I have done very little to promote it other than ping the site and add a few backlinks. These are brand new domains.

Now we have to start work on the major keyword phrases like clothing manufacturers bali and Bali Silver but I just wanted to show you that there is no doubt that this strategy works.

If you check you will also see that 7 pages have been indexed too. I just love the simplicity and power that wordpress brings to the table for mere mortals and technophobes like me.

I have had the same result for www.GiliIslandsTravel.com another brand new site at the top of google with 7 or 8 pages already indexed.

How is that for proof?

An update: 21st December 2009 the Gili Island travel website is now number 2 for the main keyword phrase of Gili Islands.