Scarcity Samurai Launch

The team over at noble that produced the fantastic tool market samurai which is probably one of the most successful internet marketing tools ever released, is about to launch a new product which is called scarcity samurai. 

Scarcity Samurai is a wordpress plugin.

Basically it is a large countdown timer that helps create urgency and ensure that more people buy your product or service before the offer ends.

The actual act of the countdown clock makes it a very powerful tactic to increase sales.

The guys over at noble do nothing by halves and all of their results are backed up by long and hard testing.

There is no doubt that sales are all about emotion and TV adverts, newspaper adverts and the long sales letters spend a lot of time and effort to create the emotions required to make you buy.

scarcity Samurai Review

Scarcity Samurai Review

When people make a buying decision they do it for one of two reasons either to move towards pleasure or run away from pain. Think about it everything you buy that you want but dont need will generally have a feel good factor. You are looking for pleasure  This could be because it is going to be comfortable, make you look good, feel good, smell good or make you attractive to the opposite sex.

Some adverts point out how good you will feel if you buy their product while others will show you the world of pain and discomcort you will be in if you dont buy their product or service. Obviously, each of these strategies has its place. Advertising a holiday will show you what a great time you will have if you go to their resort.

One other powerful emotional stick to beat us with is fear of loss greed of gain. That is why limited offers or “last day of sale” works so well.

By using a powerful sales message and the scarcity samurai to countdown your offer you can create the emotions required to boost sales to your offer.


Check out what they have to say in their video by clicking on the link below.

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If you haven’t heard of the Market Samurai guys before, they’re the real deal – what I  ike most is that they scientifically test EVERYTHING they do before talking about it.

Watch the video here, and see for yourself…