Do Not Search For Your Own Domain on Google Too Often And, If You Do………  

Google use a number of ways to help them rank a website. We are always being told that the mighty google works under a veil of secrecy and as far as their algorithm is concerned this is true.

However, if you take the time to read google’s extensive webmaster section then you will find a wealth of information on what google is looking for in a good website.

The gurus selling automated software, only tend to talk about the issues that they have a solution for.

Search engine optimisation is about on page factors including keywords, page titles, meta tags, internal links and outbound links as well as backlinks from other relevant and non relevant websites as well as link wheels, social bookmarking, pinging and other tactics that will have you flying up the rankings.

There are also a number of other factors that never seem to get a mention and that includes peoples search habits and practises.

Most people with any experience of SEO will also have heard of bounce rates and stickiness of the pages. Google measure the time that is spent on a site, if a website is visited and clicked back off within 30 seconds this is not good.

Google will think that the results it served up are not as relevant as they should be. this is the reason that we do what we can to make the page sticky to keep visitors on our sites for as long as possible.

Another factor is whether you click on the results pages at all.

For example, if someone does a search for “bird table plans” then google delivers the results in the order of relevance based on their ranking factors.

Now, when you then click on the results and spend time on the site, this confirms googles opinion and all is good. However,  if you do not click on any of the links, especially the top ones, they will assume that these are not as relevant as they first thought and your site can start to drop down the results pages.

This means that if you are regularly searching for your website or keyword phrases and do not then click on it then you could well be damaging your rankings.

So do not google your keywords too often and, if you do then make sure you stay on the site and even navigate to other internal pages on your site.