SEO and the new Google algorithm 

Google recently made a major change to their algorithm to continue in their efforts to make the search results more accurate and useful to those if us using google to search for a multitude of things.


Some people have seen their sites drop way down in the serps (search engine results pages) and there has been a lot written about it but in the big scheme of things this is all good in my opinion.


If your sites have good content and are well structured offering your visitors valuable information then you should be ok. 


In fact some of my sites in the more competitive markets have risen in the rankings as other websites have been penalised for being naughty 🙂


If you have a lot of auto generated websites with duplicate content or links from similar sites then you may well have seen a drop. 


The thing is do not panic, you can in fact improve them and get them back up there. IT will take work but with a little effort and a few tweaks it is possible to get them ranking on the first page of google once again.


You can bet your bottom dollar that google will continue to make changes to their algorithm and try to stay ahead of those that work hard to beat the system.


I say why spend time and effort trying to trick or fool the system when all you have to do is make sure that your website adds value to your visitors and the internet user.


That way, you should be able to rank well and stay there without worry.


In my next post, I will dispel the myths surrounding keyword competition.