SEO Link Robot Review

Seo link robot is a software program which can help you automate the process of link building. There are a number of automated programs on the market like SeNuke, serp assist and SEO EVO II. 

The one big difference between SEO link robot and the others is that SEOLinkRobot is a one off fee rather than a monthly subscription which makes it a lot cheaper than the other options available.


What Does SEO Link Robot Do?

SEO Link robot is a selection of tools that help you build backlinks to your main site. Basically, the software will create accounts automatically on various social bookmarking and web 2.0 websites, then verify the emails on automatically. It will even complete the captcha's for you.

Once these accounts are created it will post to them and then ping them as well as creating RSS feeds.

The key to building backlinks is not just to create single links but to interlink them in a number of ways. See the example of a linking strategy.

Why Do You Need SEO Link Robot?

If you want to rank your website in the search engines results pages then you need to build backlinks. Especially, if you want to rank for highly competitive keywords in competitive niches and markets.

SEO link robot automates this process and helps save you many hours of your time. Building links that look natural over time will help you get better rankings without being slapped by google. 

Like any internet marketing tools you decide to use they can be abused and eventually get you into trouble. However, used properly the results are amazing and will help you keep ahead of the competition.

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