When setting up an online business there are a number of things that you need to consider. Most people say that you should setup a website about something that you know about. I disagree, the most important thing in my book is that you can automate everything and that you can run it from anywhere.

Setting up an online business should give you the freedom to go where you want without affecting your business. If you set up a website to sell the bird cages that you make in your garden shed then in my book you defeat the main objective of running an online business. You are tied to your garden shed!!!

If you become an agent for a company that manufactures bird cages and you set up a web site to sell their products for a commission then you have a perfect business. You promote the site and pass all the orders and hassle to the manufacturer. Whether you choose to live in Toronto or Tobago, Manchester or Maui you can run your business.

The same can be said of digital down-loadable products like software or ebooks.

Also try to make it a business that does not take a lot of technical knowledge that will require you to be spending time on emails and support questions. The more that you can outsource and pass to others the better.

With e-books the customer comes to your site and buys the product, they pay through paypal and are then taken to the download page. They then download the book and bobs your uncle. They have what they have ordered and you have the money. All sorted while you are asleep in your comfortable bed or swimming with the kids in the Indian Ocean in my case 🙂

So, bare that in mind, if you want to setup a business that will make you money and enable you to enjoy life to the full. Don’t get involved in a business that is going to take up more of your time than you want to give.

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