Testingalotlloyd What is that all about eh?

This word only exists in my brain and it is used as a test word to check where my article is found.

It is important to test everything that you do. For example, if you are writing articles or doing blog posts then you need to know where best to post them.

Also if you are going to create a number of web 2.0 pages then you also need to know which ones you should spend time on as they should all have unique content on them

It is not worth spending time to create a web 2.0 page if it is not going to get seen by the search engines.

IT is not difficult to check this and you do not need fancy or expensive software to do it either.

All you have to do is to create an article and embed a unique word or phrase into it.

After a few days then search for the keyword on google, yahoo and msn as well as any others that you want to check.

This can also be used to check how fast your website is indexed by google or the other search engines. if you make a post on your blog then check the publish time and check every few hours to see if it appears. Easy eh?

I use special words in my posts and articles and when it is eventually indexed we will see where my post is syndicated. Over time if the word is found in other sites then we know that the article is being used. You can then check it out to see if your content is being plagiarized or the proper links are being displayed.

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