As we all know testing is the key to success and recently created a post with a word that was unique to me. A word that no one else would use. It was testingalotlloyd.

Now initally is was picked up by technorati within minutes but was soon dropped for some reason. Over time things have moved quite a bit and we then saw digg have it at the number one and two positions for a while.

Rather than post an image, I suggest you do a search for the term testingalotlloyd and see for yourself who ranks first. It was actually this site for a while but as I type this it is now at number one position.

Here are the websites as they are at present.

  6. ( a tweet from

The interesting thing is that it is not been ranked by a lot of the sites that you might think it would be. It seems to have settled and given the fact that my website is pinged by pingoat, pingomatic as well as a number of others. It is also sent to the bookmarking sites by a paid subscription to onlywire. I was surprised that it has not been found at places like stumleupon and others that we all believe are the ones to go for.

It goes to show that a lot of these gurus do not know what they are talking about 🙂

Why not try it for yourself. Create a word unique to you and then post it to your favorite bookmarking sites and ping it and see what happens.

You will then know where to post your blogs and webs pages in future. mixx, jumptags and mr wong are a real shocker. But I make sure that I bookmark to these sites every time I make a post.

Interesting eh?