I was always told you need to focus on one thing and that taking a shot gun approach to things gets you nowhere and boy, I can tell you that this is true. You need to take clear concise and focused action in almost anything that you do if you want to succceed. Mrk Joyner talks of straight  lines the shortest point from a to b and dont deviate from that path until you have completed the task. One task at a time.

When it comes to off page SEO however, then you really need to take a scatter gun approach. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about running a disorganised SEO campaign but, you need to use a multitude of different strategies and methods all at once to really have an effect.

I speak to a lot of people who have been trying to improve their rankings by using one method or another but they do not diversify and wonder why the results are so poor. Article marketing is a great way to build back links but it not not the only method by far. Google and the other search engines (are there any other search engines?) are not daft, far from it and if they see an unnatural growth of links to your site from one or a few article directories then you may well pay the price and end up in the dreaded sandbox.

By using various techniques at the same time you will build better stronger backlinks to your site which will improve your stature within google.

So, I suggest that next time you come to do SEO on one of your sites that you carry out a range of tactics such as web 2.0 site creation, social bookmarking, Videos, article marketing, pinging and posting on relevant blogs, forums and groups.

You will see a marked improvement in your rankings sooner than you think as google will see natural and varied link growth that does not shout out I am trying to beat the google system.

There you have it proof at last that a shot gun approach to something is actually a good thing.

Don’t delay try it today.