Traffic Geyser Review 


Video marketing can have a dramatic effect on your SEO results with Traffic Geyser

There is a lot of talk about fast SEO results and the various methods that are used in the process to achieve SEO god status in the rankings.

If you have a decent website that has been well optimised and has good content relevant to the market you are in then over time your site will climb the search engine results pages.

There are however, so many factors to take into account the main one is of course the amount of other websites and web pages that are competing for the same terms that you are working on and also how much work others are putting into their own SEO. 

Trying to break into a market like credit cards for example is very, very difficult. This is because there are companies spending a fortune on their SEO efforts as well as making sure that they do it right. 

Other niches may have a lot of competing pages but they do not understand the importance of optimising their website or how to do it properly. Therefore it is easier to rank for.

Traffic Geyser For Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to get your message out. Not only is it visual but sites like youtube rank well in the SERPS (search engine results pages)

Do a search in google and see for yourself how often a youtube video or two appears at or near the top of the results pages. 

If you want to get found for a given keyword phrase that is quite difficult to rank for then it might be better to use video marketing and produce a few videos. Creating and posting a video on youtube and other video sites can help you get found for your chosen keywords. 

People searching for your keyword will find the video on the front page of google and hopefully click on it. If they all have a link back to your site you will also get high quality backlinks which will also help in the long term in ranking your own site.

Believe me, is is a lot easier in a lot of cases to rank a keyword phrase in youtube than it is for your own site.

Traffic Geyser Has the Answer 

Traffic geyser is an automated service that will take care of your video marketing. By uploading your videos to a number of video sites and pinging them Traffic geyser takes the grunt work out of video marketing.

Traffic geyser does a lot more than just post the videos, it also converts them into other formats as well as bookmarking and pinging them.

The results can be amazingly fast and help to bring you traffic to your main site.

I thoroughly recommend traffic geyser. Rather than me spout on about it they have a 21 day for $1 dollar trial offer to allow you to test it out for yourself.

Take the Traffic Geyser $1 21 Day Trial

I suggest you take up the trial and see for yourself how good traffic geyser is.

Traffic Geyser Help    

There are loads of training videos to help you get tarted although it is really easy and intuitive to use but, if you do have any problems then let me know and I will do my best to help you get it sorted out. 

Here is to your success.

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