How To Avoid Duplicate Content Problems

“Should you avoid duplicate content” is a question that is discussed in many internet marketing forums. There are many opinions and thoughts on the topic but the general concensus is that it is best to avoid duplicate content.

This article is not about the technical reasons or the why’s or why not’s of whether you should avoid duplicate content or not.

The main way to avoid duplicate content is to write unique content for your website and this takes time as I am sure you are fully aware if you have a website and are trying to rank for your chosen keywords.

Not only do you probably spend time writing unique content for your site as well as articles to distribute to a number of directories and blogs.

Using Spinning Software To Avoid Duplicate Content

There are any number of plugins and software programs to spin your articles and text. I use  The best spinner which is a great program and turns a single article into any number of unique articles quickly and easily. You can click on the following link to see a review of the best spinner

The benefit of using spun articles is that there are thousands of blogs that use automated software and plugins to search the article directories and populate their websites. If you distribute the same article to numerous directories the autoblog software will only use an article once to keep the website unique (this is the main problem with duplicate content, having the same article or text published onto your site multiple times). Therefore, if you spin an article and post a unique version to each directory or even mutliple versions to one directory then it has a chance of being pulled in and syndicated numerous times and generate many more backlinks.

Recently I have come across a way to use articles from the directories and avoid duplicate content  that can make a massive difference and shoot you up the rankings in the natural search results pages. (SERPS)

The trick is to add a unique header and footer to the imported articles.

The header should use the keyword phrase in the first paragraph, even better in the first sentence. Make it relevant to the article you are going to publish.

The same with the footer add a unique couple of paragraphs using the keyword phrase.

Example Header:

How to avoid duplicate content is often discussed on blogs and forums, I found this article that I thought was interesting and may help you decide if you need to spend the extra effort and avoid duplicate content.

Example footer:

I hope you found the article interesting and have a better idea of the importance of avoiding duplicate content. This is a contentious issue that will I am sure be talked about for many years to come.

Obviously you will add your own keyword phrases into the header and footer.

Avoid Duplicate Content the Easy Way With WP Easy Content

Of course there is a way to automate this process and this is done using a great little wordpress plugin called WP Easy content This software  will pull in the article based on the keyowrds you select and then add a unique header and footer which will not only help to make google think it is unique but adding the keywords to the start and the end of th post will also help you rank better. All in all a win win situation.

So, if you want to rank well and do it with ease then I suggest you take a look at wp easy content and avoid duplicate content problems.